Caribbean Cupid Review – Find Love in Paradise

Caribbean women are as exotic, interesting and beautiful as the islands from which they come.   Any man who has been with one can tell you so.   They are sweet and spicy just like Caribbean food.   If you are interested in meeting a lovely Islander you may feel that the odds of finding one at your local bar are low.  Truthfully, you are right.  Internet dating is a fantastic way to find a lady that is a great fit for you and may be the best way to go!


There is no shame in knowing what you want.  The only shame is not going out and getting it. If Caribbean women excite and interest you then you should seek one out.   If you don’t feel that you are likely to find her locally you may need to utilize the internet.  Although it is sometimes stigmatized and looked down upon, it is really a booming and growing business.  Many couples meet online these days and end up married and happily create a family and a wonderful life.  Plus, you can browse profiles and pictures and weed out singles that don’t seem to fit your personality, preferences or interests.  It is easy as signing up and clicking around.


Free Standard Membership

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Thousands of members


The biggest pro is the free standard membership.  You really have nothing to lose with a free membership and if you decide later to upgrade your membership you can always do so.  Many sites won’t even allow you to set up an account without first giving them your credit card information.  Not this site or any of the other sites in the Cupid Media Network.  The Cupid Media Network is considered safe and secure.  The sites in the network are user friendly, well-maintained and fun to use.

The truth is that you can feel very safe using their sites.  You can IM, e-mail and use other features – all free of charge.  Plus they have a Smartphone app.  How cool is that???  Life is short so find someone you care about and take your life to the next level.  Why wait around?  No matter how serious (or not so serious) you want your relationship to be you can find a nice girl online.  Friendship, love, flirtation and even marriage are all possible but you can move as slowly as you want.  The pressure is off.


cute african womanThere are absolutely downsides to the website but they are pretty much the same downsides that any internet dating site would have.  You can’t be totally sure who you are speaking with or getting to know and you run the risk of meeting someone who does not have your best interest at heart.  For that reason, you must be very careful about sharing any personal or identifying information.  You should think long and hard before sending money, sharing credit card information or booking someone a flight.  They may be using you.  Dating internationally can also lead to disappointment when a person you have come to care about cannot or will not make the trip to visit you.  You must be prepared for this possibility.

Another concern is that you may have unforeseen cultural differences.  It is good to discuss these sooner or later.  Different cultures and ethnicities have different attitudes about gender roles, childrearing, religion, career and so on.  Keep that in mind as you are getting to know one another.   As the relationship develops your conversations will and should get deeper and more meaningful.  Ask questions and always tell the truth about yourself.  There is no point in creating a false persona or lying about who you are.  If she is lying or trying to cheat you, you will know in good time (if you pay attention and are careful, that is.)


Truth be told, the pros outweigh the cons as long as you are mature, careful and realistic when chatting with new people.  Internet dating, in general, has its risks but it also has its rewards.  Most sites charge to even have a membership at all so the fact that you can become a member free of charge makes this site unique and special.  If you decide you do not like it then never log on again.  Easy enough.  No strings attached.

With great features such as a Smartphone app and detailed profiles you can quickly, easily and conveniently find a great new friend or lover from the Caribbean.  The site is well-maintained and you won’t find lots of outdated or “dead” profiles.  If you contact a single, you are likely to get a response.  The best part is that is free and very user friendly.  Proceed with caution, as always, but PROCEED!  And have FUN!

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